About Us

Fins and Gills India started its aquaculture operations in the year 2012 with a vision to bring Indian Villages at National & International market in fish & fish products.We believe that our strength lies with the core team which comprises expertise in GIS, Finance and Information Technology domain. This ideology builds a superior foundation for executing our business.

The production started with some popular species like Pangasius, Grass Carp, Indian Major Carp (Rohu & Catla) to serve local market and we are continuously witnessing the demand graph in National and International market.These facts propel us to foresee a lucrative platform for our business to bridge the gap between demand & supply of aquaculture industry.

We are committed to generate more employment opportunities in the local community to support and help for a better living. With the initiation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we engage in monetary & non-monetary donations and aid given to local communities in areas such as education, housing, health & social welfare. After learning the local community gap, we are currently focusing on education & sanitation.

F&G India additionally takes responsibility to reduce the loss of biodiversity. This includes restoring and safeguarding ecosystem and reduces pollution to safe levels.

We are also engaged in R&D for achieving optimized production with minimum effort and time to improve the quality of the product.

An insight to our Management Team:

  • Bhaskar Pratap Singh, managing partner has more than nine years of experience as Operation Manager.

“We feel ourselves fortunate if we can serve a bit also to the mankind and our country.”

  • Suraj Prakash, managing partner has an experience of eight years as Operation Manager in GIS.

“Being from the GIS field, we are looking forward to bring “Fins and Gills India” on the aquaculture world map.”